Interchain Foundation funds the development of the interchain stack: open source protocols, libraries, and tools for interconnected chains. In addition to the foundational IBC protocol, our teams maintain Cosmos SDK, CometBFT, IBC, CosmWasm, and CosmJS.

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Interchain Stack

The interchain stack is an architecture for scalable, secure, and interconnected blockchain-based apps and services. It utilizes IBC, the best-in-class bridging technology, and libraries for chain interoperability.


Cosmos SDK

The world's most popular framework for building application-specific blockchains.


Cosmos Hub

An ever-expanding ecosystem of interconnected apps and services, built for a decentralized future.


Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC)

An interoperability protocol for communicating arbitrary data between state machines.



A Byzantine Fault Tolerant state machine replication engine for applications written in Go.



The smart contracting platform for Cosmos SDK appchains, natively built for cross-chain interoperability

The Internet Architecture for Blockchains

An architecture for security, scale, and sovereignty.

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