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As stewards of the interchain, we fund and advance the creation of an interoperable, sustainable, and community-owned decentralized ecosystem.


Our core teams maintain the protocols and applications Cosmos Hub, Cosmos SDK, CosmWasm, CosmJS, IBC, and CometBFT. Learn about our ecosystem and the Cosmos tech stack.



and interoperability.

Work on the Interchain

Our team and community are building a future in which interoperable sovereignty can thrive, with incentive-aligned public goods development, and a future-proof decentralized tech stack.

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A Cosmos Thesis

Cosmos offers a different vision for an interchain future: one built around interoperability as a first principle. Cosmos believes that giving sovereign chains a shared communication standard is a natural step in the evolution of protocol design. This vision is inclusive, not competitive.

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What is the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC)?

IBC is more than just a bridge that facilitates token transfers. It is a general-purpose message passing protocol. This means that any form of data can be communicated over IBC.

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The Cosmos Hub is a Port City

Port cities are where distant cultures, economies and imaginations come together as dynamic, vibrant living spaces. The Cosmos Hub is one such port city, with trade routes to the largest blockchain economies. It’s a city that’s enriched by connection. A city that supports those with whom it connects.

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Why Cosmos IBC Takes an Essential Role in the Enterprise Space

The Inter-blockchain Communication protocol (IBC) is one of the world's largest and most important interoperability protocols. One thing you might have missed about IBC, however, is that it also plays an essential role for enterprise.

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Happy 1st Birthday Cosmos!

The Cosmos Hub is one year old today, but this is just the very beginning. There is such an unbelievable amount to look forward to, it’s hard to know where to begin.

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