The Program

We understand that navigating the Interchain and the hundreds of dApps, chains and rollups can be difficult. The Builders Program provides organizations with the necessary context about the Interchain Stack and the ecosystem built on top it. It is led by a team experienced in building the ecosystem’s software and infrastructure.

The program offers technical and product support to Enterprises & Consortiums, Web3 startups and other digital innovators & services. We sit down with your team to help you establish whether the Interchain Stack makes sense for you business goals and requirements.

We provide guidance and introductions to anyone in the ecosystem through our large network of investors, dApps, chains, exchanges, custodians, auditors, development agencies, data providers and infrastructure partners.


The program is made by builders for builders, linking together our team of entrepreneurs, software engineers and designers with years of experience in building and launching chains.

The Builders Program is an Interchain initiative.

Your entry point to the Interchain

We support organizations in navigating the Interchain Stack and the hundreds of dApps, blockchains and rollups built on top of it.

Benefit from access to industry experts ready to share their observations on the best practices in the space.

Responsibly shaping a new technological paradigm.

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