The Program

The Builders Program provides mentorship, structured support and access to a wide network of partners. It is led by a team experienced in building the ecosystem’s software and infrastructure.

The offering includes clear guidance across categories such as handling the regulatory environment, incorporation, fundraising, token structuring, and technical and product support.

We help teams navigate the ecosystem by giving access to our large network of investors, exchanges, custodians, auditors, development and design agencies, data providers and infrastructure partners.

Services Offered

  • Incorporation and Fundraising Support

  • Marketing and GTM Strategy

  • Tokenomics & Token Distribution

  • Network Bootstrapping

  • Engineering, Product and UX Development

  • Community & Governance

  • Access to investors and infrastructure partners


The program is made by builders for builders, linking together our team of entrepreneurs, software engineers and designers with years of experience in building and launching chains.

The Builders Program is an Interchain initiative.

A Network of Resources

An alliance of founders and core developers working toward a more vibrant, collaborative, and resilient Interchain economy.

Benefit from access to industry experts ready to share their observations on the best practices in the space.

Responsibly shaping a new technological paradigm.