Meet the Team

We are a non-profit based in Zug, Switzerland.

Foundation Council

The Foundation Council oversees the mission and vision of the Interchain Foundation and ensures the activities of the ICF are aligned with promoting and advancing research and development in open and decentralized networks, with a particular focus on the Cosmos Network.

Ethan Bio Photo

Ethan Buchman


Brian Fabian Crain

Brian Crain


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Fernando Pedone

Council Member

Tess Rinearson

Tess Rinearson

Council Member

Board of Management & Team

The Board of Management is responsible for day to day operations in collaboration with the ICF team to ensure the mission and vision are embodied in all company activities.

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Michael P. Niederer - BoM

Michael is the Chief Financial and Administrative Officer at the Interchain Foundation. He is in charge of Finance & Accounting, Tax & Legal and ensures Regulatory Compliance. Michael loves nature and likes hiking and playing tennis and dreams of crossing the Grand Canyon on foot.

Billy Bio Photo

Billy Rennekamp - BoM

Billy is the Grants Manager of the Interchain Foundation. He supports different entities and contributors across the ecosystem. Billy is also the founder of Clovers Network, a Blockchain game that encourages the creation of scarce art.

Oliver Bio Photo

Oliver Schwarzenbach

Oliver is the accounting and tax manager at the Interchain Foundation. He ensures that the financial books are fully compliant with local laws and regulations. Besides accurate financial books, Oliver likes train rides, mountain climbing, picnics, French wine, discovering new restaurants — at best all on the same day.

Related Teams

The ICF's funding program is primarily managed by two entities on behalf of the ICF: Interchain GmbH and Informal Systems, as described below.

Interchain GmbH

The Interchain GMBH team is a newly formed wholly owned subsidiary of the Interchain Foundation. This new team will be a key player in the development of core protocols, such as IBC and Tendermint, as well as an active contributor in the developer community.

Informal Systems

As of January 2020, the ICF R&D team is now an independent Canadian company, Informal Systems Inc, whose mission is to bring verifiability to distributed systems and organizations. Informal will continue to be a key contributor to the Cosmos ecosystem, as the team continues and expands the work they began at the Interchain Foundation, including formally specifying the Tendermint and IBC protocols and implementing them in Rust. See the official announcement here.