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We are a non-profit based in Zug, Switzerland with teammates all over the world. We're a remote-first organization building a team with expertise in Rust, Distributed Systems, Formal Verification, and Open-source ecosystem development. Join us!

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Sean Braithwaite

Sean is a distributed systems engineer with over a decade of experience building and scaling large production systems. Straddling the fence between the academy and industry, his work has been featured in ACM Sigcomm, EuroSys and O'Reilly Velocity.

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Ethan Buchman

Ethan sees consensus algorithms as a 21st century means for promoting social cohesion. He is driven to empower humans with new ways to coordinate and reach agreement at scale.

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Arianne Flemming

Arianne is Managing Director at the Interchain Foundation. She plays a key role in the day-to-day running of the ICF and its strategic direction. She believes that value should be shared among those who create it. She did her Masters in Finance at Princeton, but decided the trading floor wasn’t for her. Outside of work you'll find her practicing yoga, teaching math, and with her dog Millicent.

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Igor Konnov

Igor is a research scientist at the Interchain Foundation. He believes that computer-aided verification is up to the challenges of finding bugs in industrial consensus protocols and proving their correctness. Igor focuses on specification and verification of fault-tolerant distributed algorithms as well as improving the verification tools. Igor enjoys reading and riding hills on a bike or ski.

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Zarko Milosevic

Zarko is Research Scientist and leads research efforts at the Interchain Foundation. He believes that specification and implementation should be in love, and strongly encourages techies to do gardening.

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Michael P. Niederer

Michael is the Chief Financial and Administrative Officer at the Interchain Foundation. He is in charge of Finance & Accounting, Tax & Legal and ensures Regulatory Compliance. Michael loves nature and likes hiking and playing tennis and dreams of crossing the Grand Canyon on foot.

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Andy Nogueira

Andy is a Technical Product Manager at the Interchain Foundation. He believes that creating successful ecosystems is a combination of getting the right people and groups working together in a cohesive and trusting way to benefit all the participants. He enjoys reading, photography, swimming and playing tennis.

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Oliver Schwarzenbach

Oliver is the accounting and tax manager at the Interchain Foundation. He ensures that the financial books are fully compliant with local laws and regulations. Besides accurate financial books, Oliver likes train rides, mountain climbing, picnics, French wine, discovering new restaurants — at best all on the same day.

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Greg Szabo

Greg is the Director of Infrastructure and leads infrastructure projects that build tools and services for the Cosmos ecosystem. He believes that using IT infrastructure should be a seamless experience that enables customers to focus on their goals, instead of fighting the servers.

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Thane Thomson

Thane is a Distributed Systems Engineer at the Interchain Foundation, supporting and contributing to the development of Tendermint. He believes that decentralization is one critical component of what makes a healthy society, and that distributed systems technology bolsters and supports that decentralization.

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Josef Widder

Josef is a research scientist at the Interchain Foundation, and focuses on fault-tolerant distributed protocols, their formal specification, and their automated verification. Josef believes in math and logic. He enjoys Yoga, all kinds of music, and being at the seaside.

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Anca Zamfir

Anca is a Distributed System Engineer at the Interchain Foundation with a focus on protocol specification and development. Besides blockchain technology, Anca likes skiing, swimming and painting.

Our Foundation Council

The ICF Foundation Council help set the mission and vision of the Interchain Foundation, and assure that the actions of the ICF are related to and adhere to that mission and in line with the Foundation’s mandate.

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Jae Kwon


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Ethan Buchman


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Pascal Schmid

Council Member

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