Pushing boundaries on distributed networks and organizations.

Our Mission

Our mandate is to research, develop, and promote open, decentralized, network technologies like Cosmos, that provide greater sovereignty, security, and sustainability to the world’s communities.

Our Vision

We believe that open-source, cryptographic, consensus-driven, economic networks hold the key to an anti-fragile global economic system and equal opportunity for all.


We participate in research, development, product, community and social good initiatives which align with our vision and mandate, as well as providing funding towards these projects. Our particular interest is the Cosmos Project, which is unique in its maturity, modularity, and the sovereignty it provides to respective networks.

Financial Transparency Reports

Our Values

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Approach the world with open curiosity.

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Think global, act local.

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Responsibility is for the taking.

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Build on strong and transparent foundations.

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Help others help you, recursively.